His name is Alexander and he’s called Sanya. He is another friend from Russia.

What I remember about Sanya is his first facebook profile picture. In that picture he stands with his cat on his shoulders.

Outside, Sanya can be a good example of genius (hey Sanya, I compliment you). He’s smart at school, he cares about political issue, he can speak German, and he read Das Capital. I include reading Das Capital as genius to-do-list simply because I haven’t ever read it and Sanya had already read it when he was 15. 

Inside, Sanya is, I may say, caring. He often goes out with his little cousin. He even celebrate his grandmother’s birthday (for people who doesn’t really care about birthday like me, celebrating birthday can be a sign of caring, sometimes).

Sanya doesn’t like snow, unlike me. I always want to see snow because I live in a tropical country. Talking about tropical country, I remember when he commented on my facebook photos. He said that lotus (or water lily, sorry, I can’t differ them) was unusual nature phenomenon and he was amazed of the dark green leaves in my country. “Green in Russia is not that dark,” he said.

By the way, as I have said that Sanya cares about political issue, at first I thought he would study politics in university but he is studying physics in Moscow State University (MSU) instead. He said that he knew he would study in MSU since he was in first grade (good job, Sanya!). Now, Sanya is fighting with calculus and physic experiments. He has to do experiments then handle the results with, he said, ugly formulas, and answer the instructor.  However, despite his difficult subject (when I look at photos of his textbook, suddenly medical seems easy for me), he said, “I don’t steal sleep time from myself.”  Well, I have to ask him to teach me time management.

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