I watched a video of Dan Howell about envy. Watch the video here:


Watching the video, I laughed. I laughed at how Dan describes envy and I also laughed at myself that I’ve ever felt that way. Well, I often envy people for anything: their intelligence, their success, their luck, anything.

I then watched the scene when Dan described two kinds of envy: benign envy and malign envy. Benign envy is when you want what other person has. Malign envy is when you don’t want the other person to have what he has. You should watch it yourself.

Dan said that when he envied someone, it was because he envied their success and he would try to be successful like them. I think it’s the point. Sometimes I envy someone who is more successful or smarter than me but I don’t try to make myself better. I don’t try harder to be as successful or smart as them. The result is, I “torture” myself with such bad feeling while I don’t be a better person.

So, next time we envy someone for their success, we should consider this question, “What have you done for yourself? Why don’t you try to be a better and successful person?”

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